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JM Precut Homes

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John & Marcine Hughes
3904 Piute Hill
Lake Isabella, CA

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JM PRECUT HOMES, an authorized representative for Pacific Modern Homes, is here to provide a system that allows the owner/builder an easier way to construct their own home.

This system is a panelized package of exterior and interior walls, and trusses, all built in the control of a factory system. But, this is NOT a modular home. This is a true stick built home, only the walls are constructed off-site.

You home arrives to the job site in bundles of walls with the windows installed and siding in place. Some of us remember the “kit homes' sold in the Sears Catalog. This is the same concept. Your walls, trusses, roof deck, fascia, windows, exterior doors, necessary hardware, even the nails, are provided to construct your home.

Pacific Modern Homes(PMHI) has been in business since 1968. The factory is located in Elk Grove, California. There is a link to take a factory tour and to watch a home being stood. Through PMHI, we offer 100% Home and Land Financing. We also have the drafting programs to take your dream ideas and put plans together, bid the package, and then turn over to the engineering department to do their magic. All our packages include Engineered Plans, truss calculations and if in the Wildland Urban Interface, Fire Hazard Specification, so the plans are ready to go for permits.

JM PRECUT HOMES also offers consultation and project management. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the building of your “Dream Home”.

Dream It, Create it, Build it!